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GIA Certified 7.8 Ctw Blue Sapphire & VVS Diamond 18K White Gold Ring

An Exquisite GIA Certified 7.8 Ctw Blue Sapphire & VVS Diamond 18K White Gold Ring

The Center Stone is a Gorgeous GIA Certified 6.62 Ct Radiant Cut Natural Blue Sapphire that Measures Approximately 10.5 x 8.8 mm & Was Mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka.) It Has A Very Attractive, Vibrant, Open, Pure Blue Hue with Vivid Saturation & a Medium Tone. The Color is Perfectly Bright, Bold & Perfectly Balanced (Not too Dark, Not too Light.) The Color Holds Very Well into the Evening Hours and is Always Blue even in Low Light Settings. This Amazing Sapphire has Perfect Clarity & is a Flawless GEM that is 100% Clean to the eye as well as 100% Clean Under 10x Magnification (Loupe Clean.) It Has a Masterfully Executed Radiant Brilliant Precision Cut and is a Very Reflective Sapphire. It is a Crystal Clear Sapphire that is Bursting with Brilliance, Fire, Flash & Spark. (This Sapphire is Just About as Lively as a Sapphire Can Possibly Be.) It is a Brand New GEM That Has Never been set Before & is in Perfect Shape. Overall, an Exceptional, Top Quality Ceylon Sapphire that Checks all the Boxes with Excellent Color, Perfect Clarity & Beautiful Cutting, in a Very Rare Large Size. Making this a Perfect Choice for someone looking for a Large Sapphire Ring with Balanced Color & a TON of Life.

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GIA Certified 6 Ctw Blue Sapphire & G VVS Diamond 18K White Gold Ring

GIA Certified 6 Ctw Blue Sapphire & G VVS Diamond 18K White Gold Ring $15000

Beautiful GIA Certified Natural Pear/Drop Shape Ceylon Sapphire & Tapered Baguette Diamond Three Stone Ring in Solid 18K White Gold. This ring was made by us, Here in NYC & is of the Finest Quality.

The Center Stone is a Gorgeous Natural GIA Certified 5.16 Ct Blue Sapphire that measures approx 12.6 x 9.2 mm & Was Mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka.) It has a Vibrant, Open Blue Hue with Strong Saturation & a Medium Tone. It Has a Masterfully Executed Pear/Drop Brilliant Cut & is a Super Reflective Sapphire with Full Light Return Through the Face. It has Very Good Clarity & is an Eye Clean GEM. It is a Crystal Clear, Super Lively Sapphire that is Full of Brilliance, Fire, Flash & Spark. It is a Brand New Sapphire that has never been set before & is in Excellent Condition.

The Mounting was 100% Custom Made Specifically for This Amazing Sapphire out of Solid 18K White Gold & is Stamped with both the Metal Hallmark/Our Makers Mark. It Features a Matching Pair of G VVS Tapered Baguette Step Cut Diamonds that weigh just under 3/4 Ct combined & are Both Beautifully Cut. They are Both Super White Diamonds that are 100% Clean to the eye as well as clean under 10x Magnification. They are Both Super Lively Diamonds that are Bursting with Brilliance, Fire, Flash & Spark from Every Direction. They are both Brand New Diamonds that have Never been set before & are in Perfect Shape. They are both 100% Natural Earth Mined Diamonds that have NOT Been Treated or Enhanced in Any Way.

This Ring is a Size 6.5 and is Easily Sizable by an Experienced Jeweler.

The Retail Replacement Value of This Ring is around $30,000 and a GIA Gemologist Insurance Appraisal will be included with this ring.

This Sapphire is GIA Certified & the GIA Certification is Included with this ring. It is Also Available for Verification Online on the GIA Website.

Missouri River Sapphires

Various colors of heated Missouri River sapphires, ranging from 0.16 to 1.65 ct. Courtesy of American Sapphire Company

Natural (unheated/untreated) sapphire crystals from an important historic mining area in the U.S., the Missouri River deposit of Montana, were added to the National Gem and Mineral Collection. The Missouri River sapphires have a total weight of 419.39 carats and are shades of blue and green in color. This collection of natural sapphire crystals of substantial size and fine color are a major upgrade to the National Mineral Collection.

Missouri River Montana Sapphire

Weight – 4.2 ct

Dimensions – 9 mm Depth – 6.72 mm

Treatments – none

Design – wlucky 4 trigon tilt 4 -by WahidMottaghian

Clarity – SI1

Blue, green, silver and gold in a large natural sapphire, mined and faceted in Montana, USA. Creative design and impeccable execution you can see from across the room. Nothing sparkles quite like natural, untreated Montana sapphire.

Princess Diana’s Burmese Sapphire Pendant

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Princess Diana, here at a state reception in Australia in 1983, received a suite of sapphire jewels from the Saudi royal family as a wedding gift, which included a very large Burmese sapphire pendant set on a thin diamond necklace and surrounded by baguette diamonds, matching earrings, a ring (not pictured), a double-row diamond bracelet with a sapphire centerpiece, and a watch featuring seven sapphires (also not pictured).