Gorgeous 10.29 Carat Color-Change Sapphire Ring at Lang Antiques

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10.29 Carat Color-Change Sapphire Ring 

A unique and enchanting faceted emerald-cut sapphire, weighing 10.29 carats and accompanied with a certificate from the AGL – American Gemological Laboratories stating: ‘Natural Color-Change Sapphire’. This gorgeous and exotic precious gemstone exhibits a dreamy combination of blue and violet hues, which blend differently depending upon the light source.

10.29 Carat Color-Change Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is magnificently presented in a platinum and diamond-studded mounting, newly handcrafted in timeless, Edwardian-period style, and intricately ornamented with fine decorative openwork, milgraining and hand engraving.

10.29 Carat Color-Change Sapphire Ring

A truly majestic, magical and impressive sapphire ring. $36,500.00 

10.29 Carat Color-Change Sapphire Ring

Lang Vision…

Lang is the premier company for buying and selling antique, vintage and estate jewelry. Their legacy is built on respect ‐ for their clients, for each other and for their collection.

They are a company of passionate, knowledgeable people, committed to integrity and to being the best in our community and in their profession.

Their paramount responsibility is to make every Lang moment – in store and online ‐ an enjoyable, extraordinary experience.”

Lang Antiques – 309 Sutter Street – San Francisco, CA 94108 – (415) 982-2213  http://www.langantiques.com/

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