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Margerand 1950 Paris French Bracelet Platinum 150.71 Cts Diamonds & Sapphires

Margerand 1950 Paris French Bracelet Platinum 150.71 Cts Diamonds & Sapphires

An exceptional statement piece o jewelry, created back in the 1950’s in Paris France at the jewelry atelier of Margerand. This flamboyant bracelet was carefully crafted in the late art deco and retro styles with movable parts made up in solid .900/.999 platinum. It is embellished with a great selection of natural earth mined gemstones and fitted with an integrated boxed push security lock and a hinged slash for extra safety.

Mounted with an assortment of 493 diamonds of various cuts and sizes. The trapezoidal cut diamonds stand out in great rarity, for their quality, they are white colorless, their clarity and for their large sizes.

The selection and choice of the 31 sapphire gems is exceptional and correct, since they are perfectly graduated in size, clarity, transparency and for their great blue color saturation.

The Diamonds

Round Brilliants: Mount in a pave setting, with 360 pieces, 28.80 carats.

Round Brilliant: Mount in a four-prongs setting, with 1 piece of 0.75 carats.

Trapezoidal Faceted: Mount in cased bezels, with 12 pieces, 13.46 carats.

Emerald Faceted: Mount in rectangular cases with 30 pieces, 24.8 carats.

Caliber Baguettes: Mount in channel setting, with 10 pieces, 2.16 carats.

Fancy Baguettes: Mount in channel settings, with 62 pieces, 5.58 carats.

Straight Baguettes: Mounted in walls setting, with 18 pieces, 1.44 carats.

All diamonds are calibrated white colorless E/F/G color and mostly all of them are VS-1 / VS-2 with just a few very minor ones SI-1 at the hidden parts.

The Sapphires

Sugarloaf: Mounted in the centers in four prongs settings, with 7 gemstones distributed as five oval pyramidal sugarloaf cabochons cut (10.85 x 8.95 x 7.2 mm) and two oval cabochons cut (8.9 x 7.5 x 4 mm) carved from natural vivid royal blue sapphires, with an approximate total weight of 43.51 carats.

Oval: Mounted at the sides in four prongs settings, with 24 oval cabochons cut (5.1 x 6 x 3.5 mm) carved from natural vivid royal blue sapphires, with an approximate total weight of 25.20 carats.

All sapphires are calibrated in transparency, sizes, symmetry and their blue color saturation. They are not treated in any form or heated.

Birthstone: Sapphires for the month of September.

Weight: 184.89 Grams, (118.52 Dwt).

Size: 7.25 Inches, (18.5 Cm).

Measurements: The widest part in the center is 43 mm by a height of 21 mm (1.70 x 0.83 Inches).

Hallmarks Stamped with French marks; the heads of the eagle and the dog for the assay and warranty of the 18kt gold and the .900/.999 platinum respectively. The maker’s maitre mark MD inside a lozange cartouche associated to the atelier of Margerand.

Collateral: This bracelet is accompanied by the certificate number 1105385  from the AGL laboratory stating all sapphires are natural with no evidence of  heating.

Collateral: It is accompanied with an independent appraisal certificate stating all the characteristic of the gemstones and a diagram with the accounting and explanation.

Collateral: It is accompanied by a luxury presentation jewelry box.

ConditionThe overall condition of this bracelet is excellent. Beside the little normal wear, there is no damage to the platinum. All gemstones are secured in the settings. This piece has been carefully inspected to guarantee the condition and authenticity.

The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara

The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara

Composed of 11 sapphires framed in diamonds on a diamond base of honeysuckle and leaf motifs, the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara was probably made by the Parisian jeweler Marie-Etienne Nitot. Originally, pearls were included as an alternative to the sapphires; the pearls are no longer with the tiara, but supposedly the capability is still there. It’s a flexible tiara made in 11 different sections, allowing the user to adjust the circumference at will. It folds out to store flat in its box, a feature that Queen Silvia has noted makes it very handy to travel with.

The sapphires are thought to have been a wedding gift from Napoléon to Princess Augusta of Bavaria, Duchess of Leuchtenberg, when she married Eugène de Beauharnais (Empress Joséphine’s son). It makes the journey to Sweden with Augusta’s daughter, Josephine, who married Oscar I of Sweden and Norway. It is now in the family foundation in Sweden, and has been worn mostly by queens and/or those acting as first ladies of the country.

18KT Gold Gorgeous 11.50CT Emerald Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

18KT Gold Gorgeous 11.50CT Emerald Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Sapphires Briolettes Tsavorites Enamel 18 Karat White Gold A’la Russe Small Ring

Stylish Cocktail Ring Yellow Gold Yellow & Blue Sapphires Decorated Micro Mosaic

Inspired by the Mughal Era & Royal heritage these stunning earrings are handcrafted in 18-karat gold & sterling silver. They have a chandelier-style silhouette that’s encrusted with 8.17 carats emeralds and 9.56 carats rose cut diamonds with blackened finish.

These 18K yellow gold impressive chandelier earrings are from the Divine collection. These chandelier earrings are created from natural white diamonds 1.92 Carat and beautiful cabochon shape rubies in total of 14.65 Carat and natural pink sapphires in total of 13.6 Carat.They are 6.5 cm long.

51.16 Carat Malachite Emerald Diamond 18 Karat Gold Taj Earrings

Cultured South Sea Pearl and 110.00 ct. t.w. Sapphire Necklace with 1.50 ct. t.w. Diamonds in 18kt White Gold

Cultured South Sea Pearl and 110.00 ct. t.w. Sapphire Necklace with 1.50 ct. t.w. Diamonds in 18kt White Gold

Boasting an awe-inspiring 110.00 ct. t.w. of multi-cut tonal blue sapphires, this matchless showpiece is a once-in-a-lifetime luxury to behold. Dotted with a luminous bevy of 10-15.5mm cultured South Sea pearls ranging in shape from near-round to button. This singular example of fine art is further bedecked by 1.50 ct. t.w. round brilliant-cut diamonds and finely fabricated in polished 18kt white gold. Graduates from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ wide. Push-button clasp, diamond, sapphire and white pearl necklace. 

3.00 ct. t.w. Sapphire and .27 ct. t.w. Diamond Linear Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold

3.00 ct. t.w. Sapphire and .27 ct. t.w. Diamond Linear Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold

This stunning pendant necklace, a linear row of vibrant 3.00 ct. t.w. round sapphires is illuminated by a sparkling border of .27 ct. t.w. round diamonds, entirely set in 14kt white gold. An exuberant eye-catcher for your formalwear. Suspends from a cable chain. Lobster clasp, diamond and sapphire linear pendant necklace.

Magnificent Unheated 11.49ct Burma Royal Blue Sapphire GRS

Unquestionably one of the most gorgeous and stunning Unheated Blue Sapphire from Mogok in Burma you will find anywhere online in the world at the moment – a sensational gem weighing an absolutely impressive 11.49ct. The Blue Sapphire is simply gorgeous – a deeply saturated almost pure hue of blue akin to the famed ‘Royal ‘ blue of yore and which, at its best, like this example, shows extreme fire and vibrancy. The stone is almost but not eye clean – we would call it eye clean to all but the exceptionally eagle eyed – actually the only inclusion is right in one corner- astonishingly good clarity for a Burmese sapphire. Such extremely good clarity in such an immense blue sapphire is absolutely rare and absolutely to be collected. Lustre and brilliancy are excellent – the stone is positively ‘alive’ and is extremely vibrant and lively despite the window in the gem. The ring will come complete with GRS certification confirming no heat, the origin and Royal Blue.

Magnificent Unheated 11.49ct Burma Royal Blue Sapphire GRS

LeVian Vanilla Gold Collection

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. John Lennon

Art Deco Unheated 1.95ct Burma Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring GIA Certified

Art Deco Unheated 1.95ct Burma Blue Sapphireand Diamond Platinum Ring GIA Certified

A Simply stunning Art Deco ring c.1935 featuring a wonderful Unheated 1.95ct Burma Blue Sapphire from the famed gem mines of Mogok in Burma (Myanmar). The colour of this magnificent gemstone is an almost pure hue of blue, absolutely gorgeous! Bear in mind that the light in Chicago, as an example, may not be so bright this time of year! Clarity is extremely good for the gem genre and this is a bright and vibrant stone, as evidenced in the pics. The gem is not quite eye clean but overall clarity is *excellent* for the gem genre. Note however that we are using a macro lens and this is barely visible with the naked eye. Cutting is good and the stone has a decent face for its weight, without major windowing. The cut is slightly asymmetrical. Lustre and brilliancy are both wonderful, and this is an extremely vibrant gem indeed. The diamonds total 0.30ct and are clean and white. The metal is 10% iridium 90% platinum, indistinctly stamped in the shank, and diagnostic of the jewel’s age. The ring has numerous tiny scratches commensurate with its age and unpolished state. Size 6.75. The stone comes complete with a certificate from GIA as attached, evidencing colour blue, origin Myanmar, no treatment.