A Gorgeous Estate Tiffany and Co. Sapphire and Diamond Ring


13.75Ct AGL Cert Tiffany & Co. Natural Sapphire & Diamond Platinum Ring
13.75Ct AGL Cert Tiffany & Co. Natural Sapphire & Diamond Platinum Ring

A gorgeous Tiffany and Co. Sapphire and Diamond Ring. This is an estate ring, and is available for you to have as your own. Tiffany and Co. Jewelry value only goes up with time. Tifffany and Co. creates some of the most gorgeous jewelry creations, and is a investment as well as a stunning jewelry piece to wear. The ring has been AGL Certified as a natural sapphire and diamond ring. The sapphire is a large 12.084 Carats in size, and has vivid blue color that has a clean clarity. The cut on this gorgeous sapphire is well done cushioin antique cut. The vivid blue sapphire is surrounded by diamond in three different cut styles. There are 32 round cut white diamonds with F color, and VS1 clarity. Next to this gorgeous sapphire sets two glorious trapezoid cut diamonds, and down the side of the band are 10 wonderful baguette diamonds. This ring setting is made out platinum, and the ring weighs 9.57 grams. This rings was created by Tiffany and Co., and is being sold by Mikaelian’s Jewelry. Mikaelians Jewelry offers a breathtaking display of jewelry for your perusal in New York when you’re looking for the perfect gift to express exactly how you feel.  

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